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When we first introduced the boxy diaper bag(#SDB) to the market in the spring of 2003, we had only 1 design and 5 colors.  It was to our surprise that they were very much welcomed by our customers. Thanks to the continuous feedback from retailers and mothers who bought our diaper bags, we have made changes and improvement from handbag parts to fabric pattern and colors.  In 2005, we started diaper backpacks, blankets and bibs. 

To make it a series of products, the name 'I Frogee' has been used.  'I Frogee' baby products have gained the trust from our customers just as we expected.  Foldable baby tents and 'Cutie Pack' gift sets are in the market now.  We're planning to design more related products to make 'I Frogee' a well-known brand. 

Our goal is to make the best quality baby care products with contemporary designs, admirable fabric colors for every seasons, comfort and convenience in every aspects, while remaining the lowest reasonable price.

If you have any questions or suggestions about I FROGEE products,  feel free to contact us.


  I Frogee News 

  • Squeaker shoes for babies and toddlers now available.
  • Baby bedding products will also be introduced to the market in 2010. 
  • Foldable baby tents now available in 7 colors.








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