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This site documents the research, design and development of synthetic cognition, which is a buildable, testable, and useful technology inspired directly by animal cognition.  This falsifiable design has been developed by Augusts Bacigalupi, founder of IforAMtm.

The following video is an introduction to IforAMtm and its primary technology SOARSEtm

Projects at a Glance:
The following list group documentation of the synthetic cognition project as follows:

Introductory Summary

Brief summary of synthetic cognition and SOARSEtm technology.
The full research proposal can be found here.


Summary videos and documentation regarding the theory and design of synthetic cognition and SOARSEtm.

FAQ:  Questions frequently asked regarding synthetic cognition.

Synthetic Cognition Videos: The following videos briefly summarize the concepts, theories, and technical schematics of SOARSEtm technology.
Synthetic Cognition Proposal:  The research proposal linked below by Augustus Bacigalupi will systematically develop synthetic cognition and its applications at all scales of human activity. In order to do this, Augustus has created a schematic design of synthetic cognition that is inspired by both neuroscientific evidence of our only proof of concept, the embodied animal brain, and currently available technology. Furthermore, a falsifiable theory is articulated that shall guide this process inexorably towards incremental success.

The research and development experiments listed in the next R&D section below are guided by this proposal. The first file is text only, while the second contains all the figures and drawings.

It is suggested that each be opened side-by-side in their own windows so that related content between the text and images can be seen together:


Documentation of research and technical development of synthetic cognition and SOARSEtm.

Research and Experiments: The following experiments document the incremental development of SOARSEtm technology.

Provisional Patent(s):

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    Posted Oct 24, 2011, 1:09 PM by Joshua Augustus Bacigalupi
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