Lindsey's Little Letters

Letters in random about Life in General 



Check List for Cabinet Vision

I.  Before starting a job be sure to enter the following


A. Information Tab- Click for Example

1. If job is a Builder than [Fellows_Overholt] or abbreviate [FelOve]

2. If direct customer than [Petty]

3. If second project for same customer than [Fellows_Overholt_2] or abbreviate [FelOve2]

4. This step is important because the name used here is what the CV file is called and also it shows up at the top of  all cultists.

                        5.  Description ie.  Kitchen, Vainity, add-on, etc.

                        6.  If possible put in the address including state, zip, city, etc     


B.  Wood species-make sure molding,doors,Drawer, Base and Upper material schedules are all the correct wood species


C.  Correct Door raises, profiles, etc.


D.   Select the correct, Drawer Box construction [Blum, finger, grass,] Click Here-This determines how the drawer box is made


E.   Hinge type-This is what determines the overlay you will have on doors


F.  Drawer Guides Schedule-This determines what slides are used. Click Here


G.    Does the style require 1/8th pair gaps (ask Ruth)


H.   Does Bottom Rail need to be 1 1/2  or is the top rail 2 ½”?


J.  Please Name all the rooms same as names on print

II. Before sending TO DRAWING


A.  Be sure you did all CADing of Measurements

                        1. Depth of base cabinets

                        2. Depth of Tall Cabinets

                        3. Depth of wall cabinets

                        4. Height Of Tall Cabinets

5. If Cabinets are not between walls, manually add a dimension for over all cabinet width


B.  If opening size is not written in than manually CAD it in

1. Inset Sink

2. 45 Wall Cabinet

3. Lazy Susan

E.  If there is a window change the description to the width of the window

F. mark loose back if refr. Is recessed in wall



III.  Before Printing out Shop Prints



A.  Make sure cabinet numbers and CADing are  not overlapping.  Click (Remember Everything is printed black and white-Different Colors of writing will all be black)


B.  Make sure end views of panelized cabinets are showing


C.  If Base Cabinet, If Panel End Than Cad in Toe Notch-Click here            

IV.  Before CNCing

A.  When Jobs are part Manual, part CNC, circle all cabinet in red on master print, that are being Manually cut.

B.  Check For Pullout end scribes must be ¼ interior scribe or ¾ “

C. Make sure 45 wall cabinet shelfs are made out of ¾ ply and that there are the correct amount.

D.  Check for UB and Ends that are to big to fit on a sheet.

E.  If Cubby Hole, than make sure partitions are equally spaced

F.  Did you rotate the ufinished backs on shaped cabinets and are they outset for enough so as not to put the dado to far forwards

G.  Are there any glass cabinets between walls, these need to be given another material called ¾ “”””” good side up.

H.  Cabinets with no toe notch need construction schedule changed to Copy of Face Frame

I.  Make doubley sure that cabinets with open interiors have the correct bottom scribe!

J.  If a Tall Cabinet, If runs to ceiling than keep top shelf down and keep whole cabinet 1” less

K.  If Tambour cabinet, than midrail needs to be 2 ¼”

L. If offset wall cabinet partition needs to be + 3/8”

M.  If Wall Cabinets If open in the bottom (ie. microwave cabs.  Cubby cabs.,)  than move line boring up manually

N. Get out Wall cabinet sap shelves cutlist


O. Get out Exact end panel cultists


P.  Print out Assembly sheets and have them examined by someone else



V.  Right after output to CNC


D.  Check For Pullout end scribes must be ¼ interior scribe or ¾ A.  Print out Output sheets

            D.  Print Out Assembly Sheets that were changed in previous step

            E.  Print out Cabinets with partions section case view


D.  Check For Pullout end scribes must be ¼ interior scribe or ¾ F.  Print out top view of shaped cabinets (ie. 12 x 12 clips)

            G.  Make a copy of the master Prints for Eli to Use

H.  Put all of the above sheets in 3 ring binders