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Recently I sold the last remaining copy of my first book, On Subbing. Actually, I think I gave it away. The point is, for the first time in eight years I don't have any copies of On Subbing taking up space in my closet. This is good because now I have 400+ copies of this new book taking up space in my closet. I don't want these to follow me for eight years. Please consider buying a copy. Or convince your friends to buy copies. It's only $5.  It's gotten a few decent reviews, like two here on Goodreads and here and here.
If Nothing Else the Sky
If Nothing Else the Sky is about my trips to Australia and Southeast Asia. I got bit by a penguin, slept in a record store in Kuala Lumpur, saw a kangaroo with a huge sack, got shaken down at the Soekerno Hatta airport, thought I caught bird flu... oh, it was a HOOT! It's also about getting older and worrying that I'm trying too hard to hold on to my youth. Is it cool that I'm still sleeping on the couches of friends of friends or am I too old for that?
I'm really proud of If Nothing Else the Sky and I hope to get it printed soon. I think you'll like it. I think your friends will like it. I don't know if your parents will like it, but they won't hate it.
You can read bits of the book here.
P.S. If you give me $100, I'll send you a copy of my book, plus a cd (or mp3, your choice) with the audio version, which will be me reading the entire thing in the voice I use when I talk to small dogs.

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