Trainings have the potential to be one of the most memorable experiences in the GA. You not only learn new skills but also meet delegates from other standing committees.

LeMSIC Members had the chance to partake in the following training sessions. You can find what trainings they were selected to attend by the Training Director of IFMSA in their individual reports.

We also had one of our own, Fadi Halabi, give the advanced training on Strategic Planning.

Day 1:
  1. Team Building and group dynamics (Basic)
  2. Time Management (Basic)
  3. Communication and Conflict Resolution (basic)
  4. Intercultural Learning (Basic)
  5. Presentation Skills (Basic)
  6. Advocacy and Lobbying (advanced)
  7. Leadership Development (advanced)
  8. New Technologies and Social Media (Advanced)
  9. Strategic planning (Advanced)

Day 2:
  1. Creative Thinking (Basic)
  2. Motivation and Empowerment (Basic)
  3. Fundraising and Financial Management (basic)
  4. Avoiding Burnout (Basic)
  5. Public relations and marketing (Basic)
  6. Negotiation Skills (Basic)
  7. Facilitation skills (Basic)
  8. Advocacy and Lobbying (advanced)
  9. Leadership Development (advanced)
  10. New Technologies and Social Media (Advanced)
  11. Strategic planning (Advanced)