15-Other Business

During the MM12 Ghana, LeMSIC had the privilege of signing a letter of agreement with  SISM (Segretariato Italiano Studenti in Medicina) Italy regarding the transnational project, "Calcutta Village Project."

The agreement stipulates that both National Member Organizations (LeMSIC and SISM) will collaborate for the promotion and the support of the sanitary, economical and educational activities of the IIMC (Institute for Indian Mother and Child), an Indian Non-Governmental Organization that works in the south rural area of Calcutta.

This collaboration will send 3 Med II students: Ghadi Abou Daher, Mariam Ghantous and Jean Chalhoub to India in May in order to volunteer 1 month of their time doing this honorable work. We want to commend Ghadi, Mariam and Jean for taking this great initiative. LeMSIC is proud to have such altruism in its members.