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Creative Multimedia Note Taking Strategies

Faculty Summer Institute 2012
2:30-4:00pm, May 23, 2012
Website: bit.ly/CLTmay23

Instead of assuming that your students are taking notes while reading for class, assign various low-stake, multimedia, write-to-learn note taking activities. Asking students to creatively take “notes” about the course content will motivate them to spend more time with the course content as well as make meaningful, individualized, connections to the course materials. 
Department of English
Old Dominion University
rrodrigo <at> odu.edu


1. Introduction: Write-to-Learn
  • Introduction
  • Assignment
    Read Basics of Design (BoD), Chapter 2. Using Diigo, bookmark and annotated (take notes on) at least three websites/pages that supplement your understanding of BoD Chapter 2. 
  • Get Started w/Diigo
    Bookmark the conference website and this webpage. 
  • Discussion: How/why is social bookmarking exciting? How/when might you assign it in your classes? 
  • Introduction
  • Assignment
    Set up a Popplet Account. Start a TWC301 Course Info mindmap in Popplet. Start the mindmap with the course outcomes (refer to the syllabus). Add your own course goals to the mindmap (what you want to learn about, not that you want an “A”). Distinguish your goals from the course outcomes (headers, color, etc.).
    [After a reading assignment] Add notes for BoD Chapter 1 to your Course Info mindmap. Try to link your notes out from the related Course Outcomes (don’t start a new node “Chapter 1″ or use the arrow connecting tool to demonstrate connections between content and outcomes. Be sure to start or end each note with something like “C1″ or “Chap1″ so I can tell what notes you are adding to which outcomes. Try adding images & videos; check out THIS example.
  • Get Started w/Mindmeister or Mindomo or Popplet
    • What have you learned at this year's Faculty Summer Institute? Outline it in a mindmap. Try to include text, images, links, etc. 
    • Bookmark your mindmapping account.
    • "Publish" your mindmap and bookmark the published mindmap. 
  • Discussion: How/why is mind/cluster mapping exciting? How/when might you assign it in your classes? 
5. Discussion: Managing & Grading

Social Bookmarking in Plain English