Co-Designing Serious Games

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Aims and scope of the workshop

The 15th international workshop on Experimental Interactive Learning in Industrial Management will be co-organized together with the research community GaLA, Games and Learning Alliance, the EU Network of Excellence for Serious Games.

The workshop is a ”working workshop” that bridges research and practice. It is intended for researchers, developers and users of SG’s in the field of business and industrial engineering and management.

The workshop is multidisciplinary. We invite researchers e.g. from the management and engineering sciences, social sciences, education,  psychology and law, design science and the serious games research community, to send in abstracts.

The papers should deal with the design and use of Serious Games in the broad field of management in different contexts. We appreciate especially empirical research on the design and use of serious games, and their learning effects. Descriptions of new experimental approaches, combined with the scientific evaluation of the learning results, are especially welcome.


The papers can address – but are not limited to – the following themes:

  • Methods for co-designing serious games

  • Evaluation of serious games

  • Individual and organizational learning through games and simulations

  • Management of organizational learning processes

  • Co-design and implementation of experimental learning interventions in industry

  • The role of the facilitator in SGs and experimental learning

Accepted papers will be published in the printed proceedings of the workshop, published by Aalto University.

Target group and objectives

The workshop brings together researchers, teachers as well as developers and users of SG’s, interested in design and learning issues. Sharing their experiences and research results, and experimenting and co-designing SGs together, the participants will get ideas to further develop SG’s for experimental teaching, studying and learning. The workshop is also a unique forum to create professional and scientific networks.

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