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Hi, Teaching Teams!

Here are the current announcements:

November 19th is Grandparents' Day, so you may have visitors in your classrooms. This is what you can expect from visitors.

We change what we do based on your feedback. Please take this 3-5 minute survey. Only two have taken it so far.

Review About My Child Forms.
We will give you your class' "about my child" and "field trip and medical" forms this Sunday. All teachers and interns should review the about my child portion because it has valuable information about working with your kids.

The contact info for your class volunteers is here.

Field Trips (2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades)
1) Please take your field trip and medical forms with you.
2) Please put this in your parent emails before trips: 

If you transport any kids other than your own:

Make sure you have the express permission of a parent or legal guardian before transporting any kids other than your own.  
Try to transport kids in groups. Two adults should be present when a single child is being transported.
Use car seats and seatbelts according to the law. 
- Please do not volunteer for rides if you have been convicted of any offense involving child physical or sexual abuse

Upcoming Dates:

Please make sure these dates are on your calendars:
November 19 - Grandparent's Day (Be ready for visitors.)
December 3 - Safety Drill
January 7 - Class Photos (Expect us to come sometime during class.)
January 21 - Teacher Brunch/Lunch and Check-in AND Class Photos (Expect us to come sometime during class.)
January 28 - Class Photos (Expect us to come sometime during class.)
March 4 - Purim Carnival
May 20 - Class Parties, Teacher Luncheon Meeting (Please put this on your calendar.)

Please note when your class is presenting in the Gathering:
November 19 - COA Prep presents a list of things they are grateful for (a rap, song, skit, prayer...)
December 10 - Kindergarten: Chanukkah or Christmas song
December 17 (5-7 p.m. at Christ Congregational Church's social hall with a stage) - 5th Grade Nativity Play, Miranda arriving at 4 p.m., rehearsal beforehand
January 21 - 4th grade: Each child says something about justice/fairness (can be made into a poem/rap/song).
25 - Preschool presents a song they know
March 4 - 3rd grade Purim play, REHEARSAL at 9:15
March 18 - 6th grade leads the gathering
March 25 - 1st grade asks the 4 questions at the Passover Seder.
April 15 - 2nd grade says Shema & Lords Prayer and receive Children's Bible Story Books
May 6 - COA Ceremony

Upcoming IFFP Events and Adult Groups:
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Repeat Announcements

Since we want everyone to feel at home in our classroomswe try to allow a diversity of opinion. So please be aware of your own political and religious assumptions while leading discussions.

Your class' parent volunteers: Sunday School roster.

Please take supplies from the Sunday School table.

To share your class' artwork with IFFP, give it to Rev. Beth to display.

Empathy-Building Project
Your class can send cards to Mae and Vince (2 elderly IFFP people with poor health). You can print this picture so your kids see who they are writing. 

Hebrew and Music Schedule and Teachers:
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The Mission and Goals of IFFP Sunday School: Click here.

Substitute Teacher List is on the Google Group's Main Page

How do we keep kids at IFFP as they get older? 
That is our perennial question. We'll be getting your input about this in a survey this year. We've had teacher training breakout sessions about this too. Let's keep working on it together.

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