I am Iffat Sharmin Chowdhury, PhD student in the Department of Computer Science at University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas and working under the supervision of Dr. Matt Gibson
My main research interests are:  Computational Geometry
                                                    Algorithms Development 
                                                    Computational Problem Solving
                                                    Medical Image Segmentation.
Currently my research focuses are:     

* Consistent Digital Line Segments

One of the key challenges in digital geometry is to represent Euclidean objects in a digital space (i.e. a grid graph) so that the digital objects have a similar visual appearance as their Euclidean counterparts and also follow Euclidean properties. In this project, we investigate such kind of digitalization of Euclidean line segments in the grid graph and they are called Consistent Digital Line Segments System (CDS). Trivial definitions of digital line segment systems following a simple “rounding” procedure that are commonly used in computer vision do not follow the Euclidean properties. Due to some recent results CDSes in a two-dimensional grid graph are now well understood. Unfortunately, very little is known about how to construct CDSes in higher dimensions. This project expands the knowledge of CDSes in three dimensions and higher by giving a characterization for CDSes in higher dimensions. This project will also be the first work that considers CDSes in different digital spaces (e.g. hexagon, triangular grid graph).

* Single-Player Polygon Visibility Game

The aim of this project is to build a single player game called Graph Drawing. A graph called visibility graph will be given to the player. The visibility graph is a representation of the vertices which are visible from each of the vertex. The player has to draw the graph based on that visibility graph. If the player succeeds to draw such graph, then the player wins. 

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