Anglican Province of Canada.

The Inter Faith Dialogue and Education Commission
The Ecclesiastical Province of Canada

To encourage and foster: Inter Faith Dialogue and Educational Events in the Dioceses of the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada.

Committees Terms of Reference

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Open Letter to Pope Benedict XVI

Open Letter and Call from Muslim Religious Leaders

Letter from NIFCON.

Sir Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth, spoke to the Bishops at Lambeth about “the relationship between the people and God.”

Bishop Krister Stendahl (Emeritus Bishop of Stockholm, Dean of Harvard Divinity School, and a member of the World Council of Churches) died April 2008, as reported in the New York Times. According to the Times

Dr. Stendahl pushed Christians toward ecumenicism, not only among denominations, but also with other religious traditions. He urged believers to find beauty in other faiths, a phenomenon he called “holy envy.”
A brief article about Dr. Kirsiter Stendahl is also available at Wikipedia.

The Inter Faith Dialogue and Education Commission was initiated in 2007, by the Most Rev'd A Bruce Stavert, Metropolitan of the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada.

One of four provinces in the Anglican Church of Canada, the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada was founded in 1860, and thus predates the national structure by three decades.

The Province currently includes seven dioceses: Montreal, Quebec, Fredericton, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Western Newfoundland, Central Newfoundland and Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador.