I-Fan Chen (陳羿帆)

I am a PhD candidate working under the direction of Prof. Chin-Hui Lee in the School of ECE at Georgia Institute of Technology. I have received my MS and BS degrees in communication engineering and electrical engineering areas from National Taiwan University. [Resume]

Research Interest:

Spoken keyword search, large vocabulary continuous speech recognition, speaker diarization, system combination, detection-based ASR

Programming languages:

Most commonly used: C++, perl, bash, awk, matlab

Others: Java, C, python, VB, PHP, MySQL


Taekwondo (third-degree black belt), badminton, softball

Contact: ifanchen AT gmail DOT com


  • Graduate Research Assistant in Georgia Tech - 2010 ~ 2015

  • Microsoft Research Intern - 2012

  • Research Assistant in Research Center for Information Technology Innovation, Academia Sinica - 2007~2010

Publication List [Google Scholar Page]


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