National Centre for Research into Basic Education (NCRIBE) was established in 2006 in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and Ghana Education Service to conduct evidence base research to inform educational policies. The main objective of the Centre is to conduct research into Basic Education and engaging national and international audiences in best practices in the promotion of Basic Education. NCRIBE was set up to become a Centre of Excellence in research into issues related to basic education delivery in Ghana. It is a documentation Centre and the first point of reference on issues related to basic education in the country.

Research Areas:

Some Recent Activities:

  • Government-support programmes in Basic Education;

  • Whole-school Development process

  • Human Resource Development in Basic Schools

  • Pupils performance in rural and urban areas

  • Teacher supply and attrition in rural and urban areas

  • Basic Education in development discourse – rural  and urban comparison

  • Gender Parity in Basic Education

  • The State and Religion in Basic Education

  • Management, Access, Quality and Outcomes in

  • Basic Education Assessment and evaluation

  • District Assembly Contribution in Basic Education

  • Teacher Education and Basic School Curriculum

  • Emerging issues in Basic Education

  • Trends in Basic Education

  • Teacher motivation and output of work

        Class being observed by some NCRIBE researchers

Corporal punishment in schools

Researchers interact with pupils
Pupils learning ICT

                  NCRIBE researchers organizing pupils for focus group interviews

 Research Reports