Steps Prior to Testing

1.  Determine the date for the meeting.
  • The date for the three year re-evaluation should be on the 3 year anniversary of the previous evaluation and meeting.
  • This date is usually located on the ADM 1 page of the IEP.
  • It is helpful to determine the meeting date as early as possible in the year and to notify all team members. This keeps the process on track and assures that it will be in compliance with the mandated time lines.
  • Remember you have 45 days from receipt of consent to complete the whole process

2.  Determine what assessments will be completed.
  • Review file: Carefully review the student’s past testing, previous IEPs, progress reports and current performance.
  • Test in the area of the disability or suspected disability. An example of how this is applied: If the student does not have concerns around receptive and expressive language, then a speech and language evaluation would not be recommended.
  • Tests that must be completed: educational achievement; educational assessment Part A and B (esped # 57 and 58 ), and current teacher reports.
  • Optional Assessments: Psychological, Health, Home Assessment, Speech and Language, etc.        


3. Notify the parent of the pending three year re-evaluation.

This is usually done by  phone. At this time you can talk to the parent about the evaluation, the tentative meeting date, and answer any questions they may have.

Some parents are more comfortable discussing the evaluation process face to face. If so, invite the parent to come in and talk to you. When you meet with the parent you can explain the evaluation and ask the parent to sign the consent to test form and the other forms in the consent packet. It is wiser to meet with the parent to discuss the evaluation, since this sets up a rapport, provides for more parent input and builds trust.


4.   Provide a consent packet to the parent.

This packet should contain:

  • N1 proposal for the re-evaluation (esped # 33)
  • N1A- the consent to test: clearly identifies the tests to be completed (esped # 31)   
  • "The Procedural Safeguards"
  • form confirming the parents received the Procedural Safeguards (see attachment)
  • the Mass Health form (see attachment)
  • the Authorization to Release Information Form (see attachment)
  • the Medical form, if this assessment will be completed. (see the ETL for this form).


5.   Team Assignment

After the parent has signed consent, provide an official notification of the evaluation to each person who will be responsible for testing or reporting on the student.

  • Team Assignment: The notification should include: the student’s name, date of birth, grade, address, phone number, parents’ names and contact information, date the report is due to the liaison and the date of the meeting. (see Team Assignment Sheet attachment)
  • Psychological Referral Form: If there will be a psychological assessment send the psychological referral form to Lillian Benson, School Psychologist. Please, provide the Team Meeting date.

- Completion of a psychological assessment is not always necessary for a three year re-evaluation. Review the file carefully before you make this decision. If in doubt, consult with  the ETL and or the psychologist.

6.   Track The Process

Use the Tracking Sheet  to track the progress of the evaluation and dates for compliance with state and federal regulations (see Tracking Sheet attachment).

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