IEOR 190C Final Project: Web 2.0

Why Use Us!


-People struggling to get into habit of exercising


-Make the behaviors easy to do (not just physically, but also mentally...even simple behaviors are hard to do if you’re not motivated)

- Create a process starting off users with small goals; important to have a series of small achievements to build up the habit
- Important to make the application accessible and addicting enough for people to come back repeatedly

Product Descriptions

Proposed Product: 

an application combining web calendar + game 

Product Features:

- Combine time/task management with elements of RPG games (ie. personal levels, stats, skills earned, etc) to engage users’ in progressing toward their goals
- Use game mechanics (people just love games...there are strong psychological research behind the effectiveness of games) as an incentive system for motivating people achieve goals

***********Project Parts***********

Vivek: (b-plan) marketing and finances
Eva: (b-plan) product description and executive summary
Michelle: (b-plan) company description & organization/management
Charles: product prototype 
and video presentation

*********Project Deadline********

Finish b-plan and prototype by Sunday night! (Feb 27)
Finish executive summary and video presentation before Tuesday's class (Mar 1)

******Project Requirements*****

b-plan: 10-12 pages double-spaced (so about 3-4 pages per person)
presentation: ~15 min (vivek will introduce product, but we'll mostly play a video)

*******Product Description******

Problem it solves: helping people build habit of exercising (primarily solving the psychological difficulty of creating a habit)
How it works: user starts off with small exercise goals (which can level up into more challenging, desired exercise level)...for each daily goal achieved, user is rewarded with his/her future-self avatar looking healthier and fitter...for any goal missed, user's future-self avatar looks unhealthier (maybe we could make them look like zombies? lol) and unfit.
Subpages (1): Product Overview