Achieving Growth, Profitability and Sustainability in a Globalized Environment

The formation of the WTO and a parallel growth of the Information Technology and the Internet are the two most important events in recent times that has made nations more interdependent and closer. Free flows of people, information, products and services between national boundaries are fast becoming a reality ushering in a “Globalized World” integrating the economies and the societies. The phenomenon has equally impacted the supply chain and businesses are increasingly becoming global. In such a globalized and highly competitive environment sustaining growth and achieving profitability of the supply chain has become much more complex and challenging. The challenges are enormous in terms of understanding the dynamics and the complexity of the global supply chain. Time is opportune to develop innovative tools that can handle the complexities of the global supply chain and give efficient, effective and implementable solutions.

Further, customized products and changing taste of the customers have brought in severe challenges before the managers of the manufacturing firms of a supply chain to meet the accepted quality while satisfying the variety at minimum time and cost. Emergence of themes like agile manufacturing, network manufacturing, knowledgeable manufacturing, flexible systems of manufacturing management are some of the areas which are recommended as possible solutions to the vexed problem encountered by the manufacturing firm. In view of this, the conference aims at providing a platform where practitioner, researchers and academicians from diverse background interact and share their ideas and experiences in order to facilitate future collaborations for management of manufacturing activities, functional integration, solving supply chain problem and the related research agenda.

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