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posted Oct 16, 2010, 1:47 AM by IELTS Tutor Adelaide   [ updated Nov 17, 2013, 6:09 PM ]
Need individual classes to help you achieve your target IELTS Test Band Scores in Writing, Reading, Speaking or Listening?  Because of my extensive International experience as an English Teacher and IELTS Tutor I am a skilled English language teacher.  I can help you to acheive your IELTS test band score goals.

If you have special needs please phone me. I am here to help.

All individual classes are held in my home, or at the Goodwood Library during its opening hours. Classes are scheduled from Wednesday to Saturday (11am - 5pm).

  • Five x 1.5 hour classes - $275.00 (7.5 hours tuition)
  • Ten x 1.5 hour classes - $525.00 (15 hours tuition)
  • Fifteen x 1.5 hour classes - $775.00 (22.5 hours tuition)
Payment: Cash. Prepaid. $275.00 is to be paid at the first class!
Progress payment arrangements are available for the 10 and 15 session class packages.

Terms and Conditions:
  • All class fees are prepaid.
  • Two hundred and seventy five dollars ($275.00) is paid at the commencement of the first class.
  • Class times for the first five (5) classes are set at the first class.
  • The ten and fifteen lesson packages have a standard progress payment schedule.
  • All classes are held at times that fit with your schedule (within reason).
  • All classes are held at my home, or at the Goodwood Library during library hours.
  • If a student is late for any class that class will still finish at the prearranged time.
  • Twelve (12) hours notice is required to reschedule any class.
  • The prepaid fees for any class that has not been cancelled within the specified 12 hours can be forfeited at the discretion of the tutor.
  • Any class cancelled by the student - within the specified 12 hour time period - will be rescheduled.
  • All lesson packages are to completed no later than six weeks after the agreed completion date, unless otherwise agreed to by the tutor.
  • In the event of a completely unforeseen circumstance (such as an accident) reasonable flexibility is expected of both parties.
  • The student agrees to follow the tutor's instructions, and to complete their homework.
  • It is understood by the student that the improvement of their IELTS test band scores is determined by their existing English language skills, the length of time they have studied English, the poor linguistic habits they have already picked up, and their own attitude towards their study. 
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