This will be the forth issue of the International workshop on Interactive Environments and Emerging Technologies for eLearning (IEETeL 2013). The first IEETeL2010 took place within the 13th “International Conference on Interactive Computer Aided Learning” (ICL) in Hasselt, Belgium, the second IEETeL2011 was a part of the “International Conference on Digital Information and Communication Technology and its Applications” (DICTAP2011), Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, France, the third issue of IEETeL2012 took place within the “11th IEEE International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Communications” (IUCC) in Liverpool, UK.

The aim of the International Workshop on Interactive Environments and Emerging Technologies for eLearning is to bring together researchers, educators and technology experts to share and discuss new solutions, trends and realizations of eLearning environments and adoption of emerging technologies in a learning process.

New kind of learners requires suitable environments ensuring flexible, personalized, adaptable, on-demand learning. The dynamic, interactive and social aspects of Web 2.0 have great potential to support innovative teaching and meaningful learning. Semantic web enables computers and people to work in cooperation, 3D virtual worlds support new online experiences of research and learning, augmented reality helps deeper understanding of subject matter, mobile technologies play a role in increasing individual support and opportunities for personal development.

This forum invites research, technical papers, and work in progress investigating eLearning environments process development and practices of their implementation in education to support university students as well as to prepare them to become self-organized and life-long learners.
These include the technological aspect of environments building: “from scratch”, using open source software or mashup applications from a cloud as well as pedagogical strategies and solutions for utilizing such environments.