The 1st IEEE International Workshop on Security, Privacy and Optimality in Collaborative Mobile Social Networks (IEEE SPO-CMSN 2018)

Co-located with the 4th IEEE International Conference on Collaboration and Internet Computing (CIC 2018)

October 18, 2018, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Call for Papers

Emerging modern networks such as the mobile social networks have greatly increased the communications among people. The continuous growth of such networks and technologies requires advanced collaboration technologies, which enable the collaborations among teams of humans, computer applications and autonomously controlled machines. Such mobile social networks provide a platform for addressing an urgent need for efficient and effective collaborations. However, to ensure their success, it is crucial to address the emerging security and privacy challenges in collaboration technologies.

The SPO-CMSN 2018 workshop aims to attract original and high quality papers addressing the various security and privacy issues and/or optimization problems in collaborative mobile social networks (CMSN), including but not limited to:

·     Attacks and adversary models in CMSNs

·     Detection, defenses and countermeasures against attacks in CMSNs

·     Authentication  in CMSNs

·     Authorization and access control approaches for CMSNs

·     Privacy and anonymity techniques for CMSNs

·     Ethics in CMSNs

·     Digital Forensics in CMSNs

·     Policies and cyber laws in CMSNs

·     Optimization in CMSNs

·     Collaborative mobile social network analysis and mining

·     Big collaborative mobile social media data

·     CMSN enabled Group interaction, collaboration, representation and profiling

·     Collaborative filtering, mining and prediction

·     Applications and case studies in CMSNs