Bonus Competition


The bonus competition is a cross-campus competition that starts in front of the Kim Engineering Building, travels along the sidewalks in front of the Martin Engineering Building, up to the M circle, around it, and ends on the Mall.



The robots must recognize a pedestrian and/or negotiate a policy to move safely around them. Further, there are several street crossings and stop signs along the way. Negotiating the traffic circle and other key crossing points are also an interesting aspect to the competition. Waypoints for the crossing points will be provided as well as other waypoints and images of the key points along this route.

Summary of Technical Challenges & Considerations:

  • Traverse a sidewalk of aperiodically, spaced traffic cones.
  • Adjust speed and maximize accuracy attainable by tuning algorithm and hardware.
  • Allay the effects of outdoor conditions on robot autonomy.
  • Negotiate street-signs along street-crossing waypoints.
  • Interact with pedestrians to avoid collision.


The fastest, safest robot wins the race and the first prize is a cash award and a trophy.

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