Top Picks 2012

Call for Papers

Special Issue of IEEE Micro

Micro's Top Picks from the Computer Architecture Conferences

May/June 2012


Submissions deadline: October 10, 2011

Publications date: May/June 2012


IEEE Micro will publish its yearly "Micro's Top Picks from the Computer Architecture Conferences" as its May/June 2012 issue. This issue collects some of this year's most significant research papers in computer architecture based on novelty and long-term impact. Any computer architecture paper published in the top conferences of 2011 (including MICRO-44) is eligible. Combining papers into one submission is not in the spirit of Top Picks, and any such submissions will be rejected automatically.


To simplify reviewing, there is a mandatory format for submissions. Please submit a three-page, two-column document using 10-point type. The first two pages should summarize the paper. The third page should argue for the potential for the work to have long term impact. The authors should also submit the final version of the original conference paper, as an appendix to the three-page document. Top Picks will attempt to recognize those significant and insightful papers that have the potential to influence the work of computer architects for years to come.


Submissions that do not follow this format (at most two pages for the summary and at most one page for the significance) will not be reviewed. The document should contain the names of the authors. A footnote should contain the title of the original conference paper, with the full name of the conference, page numbers, and date of publication. The appendix should be the final version of the original conference paper. Authors will receive further instructions upon acceptance.

Submission Site:

Special Issue Guest Editors (and Co-Chairs of the Selection Committee):
Paolo Faraboschi, HP Labs
T. N. Vijaykumar, Purdue

Important Dates
Submissions deadline: October 10, 2011 (no extensions)
Author notification: January 12, 2012
Final papers due: February 9, 2012
Publication date: May/June 2012
Program Committee

Erik Altman                                IBM

David August                             Princeton

David Brooks                            Harvard

Fred Chong                               UCSB

Evelyn Duesterwald                  IBM

Babak Falsafi                            EPFL

Krisztian Flautner                      ARM

Antonio Gonzalez                      Intel

Mark Hill                                     Wisconsin

Steve Keckler                            Nvidia

Alvin Lebeck                              Duke

Mikko Lipasti                             Wisconsin

Scott Mahlke                             Michigan

Chuck Moore                            AMD

Andreas Moshovos                  Toronto

Trevor Mudge                            Michigan

Onur Mutlu                                 CMU

Mark Oskin                               Washington

Milos Prvulovic                         Georgia Tech

Ravi Rajwar                              Intel

Parthasarathy Ranganathan   HP

Steve Reinhardt                       AMD

Scott Rixner                              Rice

Yanos Sazeides                      Cypress

Andre Seznec                          Irisa

Dan Sorin                                 Duke

Mithuna Thottethodi                 Purdue

Josep Torrellas                        UIUC

David Wood                             Wisconsin

Sudhakar Yalamanchili           Georgia Tech

Craig Zilles                               UIUC

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