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Dear engineers and academics in the squares of scientific inside and outside Iraq, I am pleased to extend to you our thanks and appreciation to your communication and your interaction with the Iraqi branch of the Institute Electrical and Electronics Engineers Electronics International IEEE-era short time, which will celebrate the section at the end of September 2010 an end to a two-year anniversary of its establishment for the first time in Iraq. Establish a section in which he admitted having deprived Iraq to contribute to the activities of the Foundation since 1990. After the occupation of Iraq in April 2003, we approached the organization to reconsider its decision and agreed to grant an opportunity for Iraq and the scientific personnel of the association and to take advantage of the benefits of scientific enterprise in such areas and several directions. And continued interaction with the institution directly or through the intervention of a number of branches of the institution in the Arab countries: (Jordan - Morocco - Saudi Arabia - United Arab Emirates) until early in 2006, where he was to provide an opportunity attribution of membership (100) engineer and Hmends from a number of ministries and a number of universities Iraq.
                                          Dr. Eng. Sattar B. Sadkhan
                                              Chairman IRAQ Section


  • Untitled Post Request  to help us in support IEEE Activities inside Iraqi Scientific Areas !! Dear Friends.. Greetings, I hope you have good times! You know that our scientific status (inside Iraq) is strongly related to the surrounding environments inside our country, and mainly, inside our universities!!!. And you know, since 2009, the IEEE IRAQ Section established inside IRAQ... And I have the honor to take the responsibilities of distributing the knowledge about the importance of IEEE for the Iraqi scientific Areas (inside Universities, and outside universities). And I traveled through all cities, universities, in Kurdistan Region and inside IRAQ.. I asked all universities to take care about the importance of holding a conference with the scientific sponsorship of IEEE . But unfortunately, I ...
    Posted Jun 21, 2013, 11:38 AM by Nidaa A. Abbas
  • First Scientific Symposium for IEEE in the Ministry of Science and Technology الندوة العلمية التعريفية في وزارة العلوم والتكنلوجيا   الندوة العلمية التعريفية التي اقامتها وزارة العلوم والتكنلوجيا – دائرة الفضاء والاتصالات بالتعاون مع فرع العراق للمؤسسة (في مقر الوزارة) في يوم الخميس 16 أيار 2013... وكانت هذه الندوة هي الاولى لفعاليات الفرع ضمن رحاب وزارة العلوم والتكنلوجيا. ونتمنى من الله ان تكون نقطة ابتداء في مسيرة تعاون علمي سليم وسديد لما فيه خدمة الوزارة ومنتسبيها ومديرياتها علميا وتطوير القدرة العلمية للكوادر.Scientific Symposium  in the Ministry of Science and TechnologyScientific symposium hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology - Space & Communications Department in collaboration with the IEEE Iraq Section of the institution (in the headquarters of the ministry) on Thursday, May 16, 2013 ... The symposium was the first by a IEEE ...
    Posted Jun 21, 2013, 11:07 AM by Nidaa A. Abbas
  • The Importance of Section formation and The Benefits of the Section Members    
    Posted Sep 8, 2010, 1:41 PM by Nidaa A. Abbas
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