Technical Committee on Industrial Informatics (TC II) comprises expert researchers in the fields related to Information Technologies, Data Science, Software Engineering and Computational intelligence and applications to industry and digital enterprises. 

Subcommittees of the TC cover the vast area of the cutting edge research, such as cyber-physical systems, service-oriented architecture, cloud computing, bioinformatics and bio-inspired algorithms software architectures, Internet of things, machine learning, and applied research in factories automation, defence logistics and real time industrial systems. Special areas including artificial intelligence, data mining, cognitive computing, security, trust, privacy, risks and anomaly detections.

The TC II actively collaborates with other Technical Committees on 

  • Agents, 
  • Factory Automation, 
  • Smart Grid, 
  • Standards. 

The committee is actively contributing to the agenda of IEEE IES conferences, such as Industrial Informatics (INDIN); Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA); Annual conference of the society (IECON), and International symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE). 

We are primarily active in IEEE transactions on Industrial Informatics, but also in other publications of the society.