IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering) is the world's largest non-profit technical organization. IEEE GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) is a membership program of IEEE designed to help engineering students transition to young professionals. Since its launch in 1996, IEEE GOLD is always focused on providing young professionals with information, resources and opportunities for their career development, financial management and social expansion.

IEEE GOLD Northern Canada is an affinity group under IEEE Northern Canada Section. All IEEE members of any grade in the region of this section, which are graduating or in their last ten years of graduation, are automatically enrolled as IEEE GOLD Northern Canada members.

As IEEE GOLD members like you and me, we are facing many common challenges, such as
  1. Publish or perish.
  2. Get a degree, or get another degree.
  3. Get (sometimes beg for) a job on industrial, academic or entrepreneurial track.
  4. Immigration and relocation (for international professionals).
  5. Manage personal finance (savings and investment, life/auto/home insurances, etc).
  6. Seek for promotion and pay increase.
  7. Transition from technical positions to managerial positions, from industry to finance/consulting sectors, from an employee to an entrepreneur, or the opposite.
  8. And more...
When addressing these challenges, you are never ALONE. Sharing of information and experiences reduces headache, while combined efforts make miracles.

Please feel free to browse through the links in the sidebar to know more about IEEE GOLD Northern Canada, and find out resources and options made available to you.

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