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A Plain Talk on LaTeX

Event Recap

Jointly organized by IEEE GOLD Northern Canada and IEEE Student Branch at University of Alberta, this technical event introduces LaTeX typesetting system to the undergraduate/graduates students (and a few professors) from the Faculty of Engineering as well as other schools/faculties.
Covered topics include the installation under Windows, Linux and Mac OS, basic knowledge, formatting text, including floats (figures and tables), typsetting math, using JabRef for bibliography management, funny stories about LaTeX and Prof. Donald Knuth, etc.
The turnout of this event was expected to be 30~40, but finally it went beyond 100 people.
Speakers in this event are Frank Wang (Dept. ECE), Jay Cariere (Dept. ECE) and Frey Shi (Dept. CS). Funding is provided by IEEE Student Branch.

Online Support

For the audiences in this event, please go through the following list of steps to get started with LaTeX system. Make full use of the guides and templates specialized for you, and enjoy LaTeXing! 

If you have any comments and/or feedback, please leave them in our Facebook group (recommended) or email Frank at frank [dot] wang [at] ualberta [dot] ca. Thanks!

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