BID Workshop

The Behavior, Institutions and Development workshop focuses on economic development and the evolution of institutions underpinning market exchange; the origins, history, and evolving role of a broader set of institutions, such as political systems, cultures, ideologies and religions, and the family, with a focus on their implications for economic resource allocation; beliefs, perception, identity, and emotions; pro-social preferences and moral attitudes, and their evolutionary foundations.

Coordinators Victor Gay and Augustin Tapsoba

Time and location Every other Monday, 12:30-13:30 in Auditorium A5 of the TSE building.

Mailing List Subscription requests should be sent to

Registration Potential presenters should send an email to mentioning the date and title of the presentation.

Format Depending on students' demands, two types of sessions are possible :

  • Preliminary projects (30-minute presentations, two students may present)

  • Advanced projects (1-hour presentations).

Attendance Students members of the BID group are expected to commit to attend the workshop and present at least once a year.

Educational objectives

  • Prepare graduate students for the job market.

  • Present research to a general audience -- the job market audience.

  • Get regular feedback.

  • Identify the bigger economic problem to solve and the research question, improve the motivation of a talk.

  • Discuss the process of doing research that happens in the background. Faculty are encouraged to share their thinking process.