Building Regulations/Lost and Found

● Many students use the Information Education Building for class or study. Please follow the regulations

    below so that the computer systems operate in good working order and all users can study without problem.

    - Do not smoke or eat in the building. Drink is permitted in the designated areas.

    - Do not use cellphones in the building.

    - Do not distribute or post flyers without permission.

    - Put used printouts away in the recycle box.

    - Use the umbrella stands at the entrance: do not bring wet umbrellas into the building.

    - Throw away trash in the proper trash box: do not leave it in the classroom.


Lost and found

Lost and found is handled by Student Support Section at the Administration Building.

If you find valuables left behind inside the Information Education Building, please bring them to the office on the first floor. If you find lost items other than valuables, please put them in “Lost Item” box in each classroom.