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Media Features

The website has been featured in most of the major newspapers and TV channels. The latest was a documentary on August 2010 where Dr Tay was featured as part of National Day Celebrations in the Channel News Asia's series Singapore Heartbeat. He was also featured on Channel 8 News in the same month, demonstrating his Roti Prata flipping skills.  In Oct 09, ieatishootipost was featured as the pilot episode on Channel U's Food Specialists Series.  The 20 min feature highlights the activities of the blog and its impact on the Singapore Food Scene. Dr Tay has also appeared on other TV shows such as Channel 8's Buzzing Cashier Channel U's "Man vs Machine" as one of the judges, he has also appear as judge on the NTUC cookoff program in 2010.

The website  has also been featured  in the Sunday Times, Lian He Zhao Bao, Channel News Asia, iweekly and many other magazines and publications. Dr Tay can be heard recommending a place to eat for lunch on 938live every Friday, and writes a weekly food column in insing.com.

Aside from his online foodie persona as ieat, Dr Tay has  also appeared on Primetime as well as 938live  in his capacity as a medical doctor.

In 2011, Dr Tay was sent by the Overseas Singaporean Unit to speak on the topic of "A Short History of Singapore Food" to the Singaporeans residing in Ann Arbour, Chicago and Boston.  Back home, he is also engaged as a speaker on the topics of Singapore Heritage Foods, Blogging and Food Photography.


Dr Tay's Book, The End of Char Kway Teow and other Hawker Mysteries was published in December 2010 and made it to the National Bestseller's List in the Straits Times on 23 Jan 2011.  

In the Business Times book review, Jamie Ee said:

"for those without encyclopaedic memories and are struck with a "where to get a good plate of Char Kway Teow right now" moment, this guide is pretty much all you need"  Business Times, 7 Jan 2011.

Click here to view the rest of the media coverage of the book

Dr Tay's latest book, Only the Best was published in Dec 2012 by Epigram Books

The ieat Hawker App

In Oct 2011, the ieat Hawker App was released and quickly made it to No. 2 in the Top Paid Apps list in App Store.  The ieat Hawker App contains a selection of over 460 of the best Hawker Stalls in Singapore and is conveniently geotagged so that one can find the Best Hawker Food within seconds!

The App can be downloaded from App Store for $1.28.

Our Community

The blog currently attracts over 600,000 hits from 90,000 unique vistors every month. Some of these readers are also actively participating in our other platforms. We have a  facebook group of almost 20K fans and growing daily and a following of over 4K on Twitter. There are also more than 2000 members in our forum.    Numerous makan sessions have been organized for its members as well as charity events.  Most of our makan sessions are over subscribed and we are constantly looking for partners to host and sponsor these events. 

Professional Collaborations

ieatishootipost has worked with major companies such as Canon, where Dr Tay conducts food photography workshops, as well appearing as a speaker in their powershot campaign.  He is also being sponsored by Standard Chartered to write for their Credit Card program.  In 2009, he was the Zespri Kiwifruit Ambassador and was involved in creating new recipes using Kiwifruit as well as conducting a cooking demonstration.   You can watch the whole Kiwifruit series on Razor TV here

Here are some of the major brands that have included ieatishootipost as part of their marketing strategy:


As a general rule, ieatishootipost does not do paid reviews of restaurants. However, I do write advertorials for lifestyle products which would be of interest to our readers.  I do accept invitations to review food but reserve the right to publish only restaurants which I feel will give our readers a positive experience.

ieatishootipost has adopted Goducate as its charity and has organized many fundraising events to support Goducate's work of providing education to the poor in the countries around us.  There are social marketing opportunites that can be explored.

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