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Here are the classes from our learning circle:

+ + Christine Hockert ----- Hixson, Tennessee, United States
Irina Alekseeva ----- Belebey, Russia
Dean Scheepmaker ----- Cartwright, Manitoba, Canada
Riley Kemp ----- Cartwright, Manitoba, Canada
Robert Schlichtmann ----- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Kuljeet Singh ----- Balipara, India
Al Thorleifson ----- Manitou, Manitoba, Canada
Kathleen Moore ----- Orangeburg, New York, United States
Olga Klepinina ----- Kirov, Russia
Christine Anifantakis ----- Fishers Island, New York, United States
Iyke Chukwu ----- Abija, Nigeria
Lisa Trainor ----- Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, United States
Marcia Santos ----- Sao Luis, Brazil