3. Getting Started - Introduce Yourself and Meet Others

Introduce yourself and meet others!

Meet others in iEARN -- we invite new members to introduce themselves and greet new members on our forums for connecting people. 

These two forums are located in the iEARN Discussion Groups Space (see below).

Within the iEARN Discussion Groups Space, you will find these two key iEARN forums -- >

To post a message in either of these forums, or any of the iEARN forums, you will need to first click "Join Group."  

You will be asked once to confirm that you would like to join the group.  Click Join Group again on the next page.

Once you have joined the group, you can visit the Forum and post an introduction of yourself.  

You can add a new message by clicking to "Add a Topic." 

Please also read and respond to messages from others in the forum. We encourage all iEARN participants to post two responses for every new message they post.