Welcome!  This short guide covers the basic sections and functionality of the NEW iEARN Collaboration Centre.  For those who are familiar with the earlier iEARN Collaboration Centre, many parts of the site will be familiar.  However, we have been working hard to offer many improvements to the site, and will be continuing to add new features as the site develops over the next few months.  

Please remember! The old collaboration centre was at www.media.iearn.org. This is now used for reference purposes only!
We are now using the NEW collaboration Centre http://collaborate.iearn.org/ for active forum and project participation!

iEARN Projects!!!

At the core of this platform, as on the earlier Collaboration Centre, are student and teacher designed and facilitated projects.  These can be found in the "Collaboration" section of the site in their own "Space" called "iEARN Projects."  In this Space, as in others across the site, projects are searchable by a variety of categories, including Title, Keywords, Age Level, Language, and Subject Area.

The guides have been translated into chinese and we have spanish subtitles for most of them. We are working towards translating it into many other languages.