@ Morocco Project for Georgia

Georgia responses to Morocco

Hi. My name is Steven.  I am nine-years-old and am telling you about plants in Georgia.  I hope you enjoy these awesome pictures! 

In Georgia, there are lots of things growing in our backyards and in our neighborhoods. One big thing is our state tree is the Live Oak.  Here is a photo:

Another thing is the beautiful azalea, our state wildflower. They bloom in dark pink, light pink, white and yellow. They bloom in the spring and they grow in lots of places. Here is a close up of azalea blooms:

This is a picture of azaleas WITH a Live Oak!

Oh, did you know about the Cherokee Rose?  It can bloom yellow and white.  It is our state flower. I'd like to show you a picture:

This will crack you up!  Did you have any idea what kudzu can cover?  Kudzu grows all over Georgia and can be an annoyance. Here is a little poem about Kudzu:

The Amazing Story of Kudzu
Love It, Or Hate It... It Grows On You!

In Georgia, the legend says
That you must close your windows
At night to keep it out of the house.
The glass is tinged with green, even so...

From the poem, "Kudzu,"
by James Dickey

There are millions of acres of kudzu in our state. Here is a photo. Look closely and you will see that there is a little house in there....completely covered!

Here is the next to last plant. It is another Giant!  It is the Pine Tree.  I have one of these in my backyard and boy is it large!  Lots of pine needles come off it, along with some pine cones.

In my backyard, there is something growing called Lilirope.  It is a green plant that's pretty much like normal grass except for the fact it's very long and does not need quite so much water.  Sometimes it blooms with light purple flowers just like you see in the photo below.