Very Important, the Idyllwild Astronomy Club has dissolved and is no longer hosted at Astrocamp.  The level of interest in a mountain astronomy club was never very strong and the interest of the staff at Astrocamp never could keep such a club going, so I have to say good bye to the whole idea.  People still find the page out on the internet, and I would encourage those on the mountain to get together and observe, and others to join one of the local larger clubs like those in Riverside, Temecula, Palm Springs, San Diego.  The large telescope events held by Riverside club are good places to meet people, they are the Riverside Telescope Makers Conference, and the Fall Pacific Astronomy and Telescope Show.   

Hello stargazers of southern California, welcome to the Idyllwild Astronomy Club homepage.  This is an active group which has replaced the idyll-gazers as the mountains premiere astronomical society.  We are amateur astronomers who live in, visit or are from the Idyllwild area.  Doing amateur astronomy in southern California is wonderful, here there are many clear nights with excellent seeing and limited light pollution.  We are located at the gateway to the stars with Palomar and Mt. Wilson observatories located nearby, and the JPL laboratory and Caltech located just a few hours away.  Our mountain location offers us a mile-high vantage point to space.  There is even a camp located here dedicated to teaching kids about the stars and space called Astrocamp.  If you are traveling up highway 243 between Hemet and Banning you will see our wonderful mountain community.  We even have a bed and breakfast up here which the owner is an amateur astronomer who will share the sky with you while you visit our little town.  Our astronomy club has members who are employeed as observatory workers at Palomar and members who belong to the faculity of Astrocamp.  We have access to the Astrocamp observatory and hold occassional night viewing for our members from the observatory.  Please feel free to come to one of our meetings or our publically announced star outtings. To be placed on our announcement mailing list send a email to chrismilford[at]gmail.com if you are on the mailing list and no longer wish to be a part of the mailing list send a message with unsubscribe in the subject line and I will gladly meet your request.

LOCATION: Conference Center, Astrocamp 26800 Saunders Meadow Rd, Idyllwild
Meeting Program: TBA (looking for presentations email me if you have one)

Members: Please take time and fill out the membership survey, the link is on the sidebar menu, thank you very much.
 Important Sky Events:
  • November 10-17: Sometime PBS airs Palomar Movie
  • November 18: 3:00AM to 4:20AM Moon Occults a star.
  • November 19: 5:50PM ISS and Shuttle flyover So.Cal
  • November 30: Sunset Jupiter, Venus, Moon Conjunction
  • Watch the removal of 200 inch mirror [link]

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