1st International Workshop on Interference and Dependence 2013

21 January, 2013, Rome, Italy (Co-located with POPL 2013)


Interference and dependence are closely related concepts, the first being the observational phenomenon connected to the second. Interference refers to the behaviour of some parts of a system influencing the behaviour of another part of the system. Dependence specifies the relation which determines those parts of the system that influence the computation of another part of the system.

Both interference and dependence analysis underpin many activities of computer science, including program analysis, debugging,  traceability, refinement (longitudinal dependence) that can raise issues in testing, analysing software for security properties, testing software, reverse engineering, slicing, model checking software and specifications. This workshop will bring together researchers working on interference and dependence from both the modelling and programming research communities to discuss connections and challenges.

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