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At Apple Discussions, we often read requests about new  themes, new templates for Apple's DVD creator, iDVD, which is part of iLife.  iDVD is meant  to  create standard conform videoDVDs from iMovie or iPhoto Projects, as movies or slideshows.

iDVD offers a wide variety of templates; you can design the main menu, chapter menu and submenus.
To quote Apple:

"Many themes feature attractive animations, and every theme offers drop zones that make it easy to personalize your menus by dragging in photos and movie clips from the iLife Media Browser."

On the next pages I'll show you a few suggestions, how to modify the themes for your needs and style.

Just to make it crystal clear: this site does NOT discribe, how to create your own templates! iDVD templates are highly complexed and coded data-pages - me no engineer, nor programmer. 'Modify' means: we use an existing template and replace a few things.. :
Allways start with a simple, old theme.
As 'Holyday Cheer' or any  other 'non designed' theme.

Themes with multi-drop-zones and esp. with animations are difficult to modify.

Keep it simple… ;)

Karsten Schlüter

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