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Important Documents

The Ed.D. Degree Planning Sheet is the official listing of the courses required for completion of the doctoral degree in Instructional Design and Technology. Two leveling courses (prerequisites for the Ed.D. program) are added to the 54 academic hours required for degree completion (note: 9 hours are included for completion of dissertation).
  1. Once you sign up for Google Drive, be sure to save a copy of the degree sheet to it.
    1. Click File in the main menu, then select Make a Copy.
    2. This must be kept in a Google Doc format (Do not convert this file to Microsoft Word).
    3. Rename your Google doc by clicking File in the main menu, then selecting Rename. Change the filename from Ed.D. Degree Planning Sheet - Effective Fall 2013 to IDT Certificate Planning Sheet - Your Name.
  2. Complete the information at the top of the degree sheet.
    1. The font settings have been predefined. Please do not change them.
  3. Update your degree sheet to indicate all the courses for which you will be registering for the next two semesters. The Course Rotation Schedule (see below) provides you with the courses that you and your cohort are expected to enroll in each semester (Including summers).
  4. Share your degree sheet with the following by clicking on the blue Share button in the top-right of your Google doc window:
    1. Your advisor using his/her Gmail address. The two of you will collaborate on this document throughout your studies.
    2. The IDT program at idtmemphis@gmail.com.
    3. Other IDT faculty, if you know their Gmail addresses.
  5. As you complete classes, update your degree sheet with the date completed and the grades received.

The Course Rotation Schedule is the academic plan put forth by the program for the progression of doctoral students through the program. Due to the nature of the online program, each member of the cohort will progress through the program as dictated by the Course Rotation Schedule (for more information, review the Letter of Understanding).

The Graduate Handbook for Doctoral Students is the canon for policies and procedures during your time in the Instructional Design and Technology program. Inside, you can find a detailed listing of the steps you will take from admission to graduation. Included in the handbook are references for where to go for help, how to manage courses, and a collection of the official forms necessary for the completion of doctoral requirements.

On page 14 of the Graduate Handbook For Doctoral Studies is the following list of other important documents:

    1. Doctoral Committee Appointment (Program Advisory Committee)

    2. Doctoral Program of Studies

    3. Evaluation of Transfer Credit (if needed)

    4. Change of Program of Studies

    5. Comprehensive Examination

    6. Doctoral Committee Appointment (Dissertation Advisory Committee)

    7. Proposal Approval

    8. Doctoral Degree Candidacy

    9. Intent to Graduate - Log in to your My Memphis portal and apply to graduate under the degree tab.

    10. Dissertation Defense Announcement

    11. Dissertation Defense Results Form

The Office of the Bursar handles all questions regarding tuition and fees (including any and all financial aid).

The page is a one-stop solution to all the other forms that you will need throughout your studies with IDT Memphis.