Welcome to your comprehensive Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) orientation resource module. On behalf of The University of Memphis’ (U of M) IDT faculty and students, congratulations on your admission to the IDT doctoral program! We are excited about connecting with you on your journey and anticipate your future contributions to the field.

Think of this orientation module as a "one-stop shop" created to introduce you to the U of M IDT program.


As you move through this website, note that hyperlinks are light blue. Visited hyperlinks are purple.

To the left is a navigation bar with multiple sections or modules. The navigation bar will allow you to maneuver through each section as needed. Work through the modules and complete the topics listed in the order in which they are presented.

Note that all the tasks you need to complete are listed under the Orientation Checklist and Deadlines page. Use this page to keep up with how much of the orientation you have covered, and when the different parts should be completed.


Below is a brief overview on the various topics that are listed in the left menu. The modules are designed to help successfully introduce and guide you through the IDT doctoral program.

Getting Started will walk you through important information about the academic programs at the U of M.

Going Google - The IDT program will use Google products for many of the classes you will take. You should set up your Google Account so that you will be ready to go when you start your classes. This section will show you how.

Joining the IDT Community will provide you with links to important IDT websites and Google communities.

IDT Graduate Student Association is the organization that looks out for you during your course of study. Informative and social meetings (face-to-face and online) are held several times throughout the year. Read more about it in this section, and please consider joining.

Research will be crucial for your academic success at the U of M. Fortunately, our library faculty are eager to help. This section will introduce you to some of the tools that are at your disposal and to the people who are available to help.

Academics provides information about your classes, your course of study in the U of M IDT, and what standards are found throughout. Included in this section is the Doctoral Portfolio, the cumulative task for this orientation. You will setup the framework for your Doctoral Portfolio at the end of the orientation.

Doctoral Portfolio - This section guides you through the steps of setting up your portfolio. You will add to and use this throughout your doctoral journey.

Student Information Form is to be completed and submitted once you have reviewed the rest of the website. The information you submit will go to the IDT Memphis Department Faculty, so they can best advise you.

Extra Material: the FAQ page answers common technical questions, and Important Links contains a list of hyperlinks you may find helpful.

Again, congratulations! All of us in the IDT Department look forward to our time together.