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Solar Energy

Solar Energy - A Rapidly Developing Market                                                                                      

According to Bloomberg, Chief Executive Officer Arno Harris of Sharp Corp. said “Solar has moved alongside wind now as one of the three technologies -- solar, wind and gas -- that are going to be part of our nation’s energy build-out no matter what.” This is truly apparent when you look at the real numbers that the industry is producing. In 2013, according to SEIA, the US is looking to add roughly 4.2 GW of solar capacity using photovoltaic technologies. PV systems totaling approximately 3.3 GW were added in 2012, a 76% increase from 2011.


IDTI’s services in the solar sector are targeted to developers and investors (either private or corporate). Working with developers, government, PV panel manufactures utilities and private investors; IDTI has developed business connections that will insure our client’s satisfaction. IDTI has additional services that can help in the negotiation and investment process. Some of these services include;

  • research
  • negotiation support
  • translation
  • financial analysis

as well as other talents as required in order to help our clients navigate these areas.


Both developers and investors can’t always take advantage of many of the opportunities in the market. Many of our clients don’t have the time to locate what is available or to completely understand every financial model and teaser that is available. This is where IDTI can help. We put our resources toward locating and developing a business connection that will provide our clients with the right match for their needs.


IDTI’s consulting team has been working in the solar sector since 2011 and has been involved in both large and small projects on both coasts. We continue to develop our resources to work in both the national and the international community as well. 


We strive to share our passion in Renewable Energy.Contact us today to see what IDTI Consulting can do for you!