For the American Business Person Interested in China                                                                  
Is your company interested in doing  business in China? Why? Is it because of the existing markets (some of the largest in the world)? Maybe it's the new emerging markets? How can you maximize the benefits of doing business overseas? How can you sidestep the pitfalls?

We are a team of international business consultants  We specialize in creating relationships between U.S. and Chinese businesses. We work with most all business types and we have a unique insight into the following industries:

¨ Chemicals

¨ Polymer (plastics)

¨ Medical Care equipment

¨ Printing

¨ Manufacturing

¨ Advanced Technologies: Renewable Energy

China is the driving engine in today's global  economy. Even while still in a global recessionary market,the economic growth in China is predicted to be at least 8.3.% in 2013 according to the World Bank while China's GDP is expected to be 
3 1/2 times higher then in 2000.

This growth and large market has and will continue to bring business people from all over the world to China to sell their products or services to establish facilities.  Has your company ever planned doing the same? Have you considered investments; setting-up manufacture sites; sales offices; or searching for Chinese business partners, suppliers and distributors; or, oppositely, attracting Chinese entrepreneurs to invest, sell, and distribute their products in the U.S.?

If you are considering these opportunities but are stumbling over the Chinese language, culture, market, governmental regulation, and legal system, we can help you to reach your goals by providing a wide variety of services to support your business. Please see our List of Services for more details on the services we provide. We can also tailor services for your specific needs.

So if you are in  need of  Business Consultants who understand China, please contact us. We offer free initial consultation and reasonable fees.