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What We Do

IDTI Consulting Services has been working in the U.S./Chinese business consultation arena since 2002 and with the solar sector since 2011. In that time we have accumulated expertise in a number of skill sets which we can put to use for our customers to ensure that they have a competitive edge in the international marketplace. Some of the business services that we provide include;

¨ Oral and written language translation.

¨ Documentation for product specification, processing, safety (MSDS) and Quality Control procedure.

¨ Researching specific product market

¨ Financial analysis

¨ Project outsourcing

¨ Seeking and validating Chinese business partners, investors, suppliers and distributor

¨ Consultation covering investment, banking, taxation, environment, real estate and labor etc

¨ Investigation and interpretation of government regulations such as SDA (equivalent to FDA)

¨ Webinar (internet based online seminar) presentation discussing general or specific knowledge of doing business in China

¨ Reaching, supporting and communicate with local customers

¨ Representation of your company in negotiation and any other issues in China

¨ Teaching Simple to Complicated Chinese language skills