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Who We Are
IDTI Consulting Services has a remarkable group of people at its disposal to support your company 's international aspirations.

Dr. Shirley Fang Ph.D. - Founding Director

Dr. Fang holds a Ph.D. in Polymer Science from the University of Akron. She has had eight years of polymer processing experience in China at a synthetic material research center. Dr. Fang has also worked for several US based corporations for more than 11 years, holding various positions including Senior Researcher, Engineer and Technical Manager.Her former employers included a Fortune 50 pharmaceutical company  as well as a globally renown high-tech company.

Dr. Fang brings a strong entrepreneurial spirit and precise reasoning process to bear when dealing with business issues. She has worked in multiple project leadership roles and has a detailed understanding of Six Sigma, ISO9000 and Lean system. 

Mr. Mark Bee - Partner

Mr. Bee is a results oriented Operations Director with over 15 years of industry experience. He is proficient in business strategy mapping as well as project management, planing and execution. 

Mr. Bee has work with the development of international business relationships for over 8 years. He has helped businesses procure materials, market their products and work to lower the cost for them to do business.

Mr. Bee has an extraordinary talent in building strong customer relationship, anticipating needs, resolving issues, and ensuring client satisfaction.; He is a  respected company liaison with demonstrated communication and outstanding negotiation abilities.

Ms. Ying Zhang - Sales Development

Ms. Zhang has an MBA in marketing/sales and experience working with government surveys and statistical analysis. She also has experience working with Chinese trading companies. 

Ms. Zhang's focus on negotiation with potential Chinese partners, understanding/researching related Chinese regulations and laws, drafting and verification of Chinese versions of documents, contracts, custom issues, deployment of detailed marketing/sales tactics, identification of Chinese facilities etc.
Mr. Xiaoguang Fang - Invited Executive Consultant

Mr. Fang experiences include working for the Chinese Central Government Diplomatic System,  Deputy Secretary of a diplomatic organization, “China International Friendship Association", founding partner and Vice President of Gallop (China) LLC and 
Chairman and founder of FG Consulting Ltd. Mr. Fang is also chief consultant and sole representative in China for US Independent Food Retail Association, (IGA).  Mr. Fang also serves as Co-Chairman of a Hong Kong based Jade Universal (China) Ltd.

Mr. XIaoguang Fang is proficient in commerce consulting, management consulting and marketing strategies including virtual internet commence and real manufacture. He helped multinationals and Chinese businesses in business strategies and development tactics through marketing investigation, sales research, as well as staffing and operation optimization. 

Mr. Fang is a reputable public business figure within China and in the international networking of business and commercial research. His publishing list covers numerous commercial and business research articles in domestic and international recognizable magazines, including the highly accredited "Harvard Business Review".

Long term US predominant diplomatic activities awarded Mr. Fang large U.S. official and civilian connections Comprehending all aspects of US-China affair operations, Mr Fang has been successfully associated China with the U.S. in multiple corporations.

Mr. Fang earned Master degree in English and America literature from Shanghai Foreign Language University and was also educated in the prestigious Beijing University. Mr. Fang was attendee of several fellowship or scholarship researches, hosted by London Economic Institute, Princeton University and University of Maryland.

Mr. Fang translated and published multiple  works in Chinese, including Gallop US edited management research series as well as a highly ranked America modern culture review: "The Gate to Eden" earning popularity in the Chinese business community, as well as