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Welcome to my site! This site is dedicated to ofcourse my life till now. You’ll find my personal biography, pictures of my friends and I, as well as page dedicated to my hobby, travelling.

About Me:

I was born on November 5th 1979 in Surat, Gujarat, India. So far I’ve spent major part of my life in Surat but for the last few years. Since past 3-4 years I m working in Bombay and before that for 3 years I was in Ahmedabad persuing my Masters. During my high school years I was kind of jack of all kinds, used to play all kinds of sports from cricket,tennis,swimming,etc and was not so bad at academics as well (too boring right? thats what any normal kid wud do).  

After high school graduation I went on to attend Veer Narmad University in my home town of Surat. I was sent to represent our college at  National Association of Physics, Vidyanagar Chapter(some achievement for someone who had bunked a lot of classes). My major was Physics. And after that I did my Post Grad(Masters) from Ahmd in Computer Science, Programming. The graduation was easy but the Masters was a tough three  years with all the studying and extra curricular activities(lies lies!!) I did and the significant lack of sleep; however, I managed to graduate with honors.

Currently I am working for a major consultancy firm, as a systems software engineer. The work is alright, but the money could have been better.

Well, that’s pretty much my life. 

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