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NEWs: a lot questions for estimates we get  this year and we are  working on it  ....  and contracts as well even to naber countries ...  We thank all who helpt us to grow to that success !


Trotro accident on Obuasi Street in November 19 Some people died and an IDP project partner was seriously injured .. no insurance ... Risk of leg amputation or death of the 22 year old. We paid for the operation and the wheelchair.


New  Project at Mpasaso 2

The drilling for water was a big succes ... as quality and found is plenty ..

..  at 1.oct.2019 the construction for the fetching station startet ...


  1 Jahr danach / Year later   

  Eye operation for BEVELIN
25.Mrz at hospital and 26.Mrz 2019 after operation


We would like to thank for the various donations and especially to Ruth's and Verena's birthday and to Kurt Schaub  memory.

Wir bedanken uns herzlich für die diversen Spenden und speziell an Ruth's und Verena's Geburtstag und zu Kurt Schaub Gedenken.


Mrz. 2019 Classic Concert in Accra and Kumasi, GHANA
A nice time with Daniel and Simon from Switzerland

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pp Life Interview NEW MERCURY Ghana


Project-Einweihung Nov 2018
Plumber is delaying the last work

Ghana, Nkwantakese
Wasserbezug gestartet

für Schule in Thailand
mit Rotary Bangkok

Fotos der Einweihung

Empowerment of Afrika
TYS-Conference 2018


RegioTVplus.ch sendet 1 Woche lang den Videobericht vom Ghana-Abend in Liestal vom 20. Feb. 2017

Der grossen Nachfrage wegen
werden wir eine Wiederholung im
2020 planen.