Presentation ● Sessions  Evaluation
                         Social Consequences of the Recession  
                                Ivaylo D. Petev - Spring 2013 (Sciences Po Reims)


Due Dates

Wk 3: Choose group

Wk 8: Proposal


The aim of the course is to lead students to develop an academic-quality research project. The project will focus on a specific topic, which is covered in the class, and will analyze the consequences of the current recession with basic and publically available empirical data on the period before, during and (if available) after the recession. Students will prepare the project in groups of four.

Every student must select their general topic and group before class on week 3 (to make your choice click here).

The project will be developed in three parts to allow for feedback by the instructor. One part, worth 25% of the grade, is a research proposal paper in which the group outlines the specific research question, the literature review and preliminary results. Another part, worth 25% of the grade, consists of an in-class group presentation of 20min plus 10min Q&A. The third part, worth 50% of the grade, is the final copy of the paper.

The proposal is due before class on week 8. The date and order of the group-presentations is determined by your choice of research topic. The deadline of the final paper will be determined later, but will fall sometime from one to two weeks after the last class, week 12.

Plan of Action

Here is a simple procedure that I suggest you follow before you start concrete work on the three assignments:

  • Identify the relevant references: Meet with your group members and go through the research bibliography for your respective theme. Identify the references that relate directly to your research topic (not all references in the research bibliography relate to a specific research topic). For most groups these references will be sufficient but you may decide to do a bibliographical research on your own to add new references.
  • Do a literature review: Divide the readings among your group members. Do the readings for which you are personally responsible and take detailed notes to be shared with your group.
  • Discuss the organization of the project: Identify the Meet again to discuss your individual notes on the readings. Decide on:
    • The general angle/puzzle that the group research project will take on
    • The main pre- and post-recession trends that the project will focus on and analyze
    • The main points/themes on which your group needs to do more research

Once your group has gone through the above points, you can move to the preparation of your Presentation, Proposal and Final Paper by following the specific instructions for each.