A note to participants

Schedule of Events: 

Saturday: Safety officers shoot. We will allow shooters to observe, but we request they not interfere with the Safety officers day of fun, there will be no registration on Saturday. 

 Sunday will be registration. 

 7:30 Registration and Equipment Inspection prior to lining up please have your equipment on and an empty magazine for weight.  

 8:00 Shooters Meeting

 8:30 First Shot Fired

 Lunch will be around 12 noon and will be served at the shooting pavilion, near registration, so there will be no need to remove your gear, this will allow us to scoot right back to shooting in hopes of an early ending.  

 Please prepare for ?????? weather.  I have found that regardless of locale, shooters that bring weather gear for crappy weather seldom need it. but as soon as we don't bring it we find it necessary. 

 Location: Sparta World Shooting and Recreation Complex, Cowboy Area.  If you get to the water tower, we are behind that small long hill  on the south side of it.  Easier yet, follow the signs that say Cowboy Range. look for the small barn and pavilion. 

 Read the matchbook carefully for questions.  Be safe.  And again make sure you bring weather gear in order to trick the weather in to leaving us alone.

 John Abbott

A note to Safety Officer  

         Hello All, and thank you for helping at this match.

 If you can show up on Friday that is nice.  Saturday I need all of you to arrive by 8:00.  Those driving from further away (read Arkansas, Kentucky,  get here by 10 in time for the SO meeting if possible.  We will finish whatever we need on the bays as hopefully most of the stages will be set up and merely need cardboard stapled up. We will then have a SO meeting and I will let you know the Agenda and pass out the Staff shirts.  We want a great match And you are all the main ingredient.  I really appreciate the spirit of volunteerism that courses through your veins. 

 Bring weather gear, Sparta can be a tricky bastard. Bring Staplers and timers if you have them. 

 I hope you all like your shirts, I happen to think they are the finest SO shirt I have received at any match. In case you were wondering we had an anonymous donor donate some moneys toward the difference in the quality of shirts that Are provided for the Safety Officers here at the match. 

 On a personal note. This will be the last Sanctioned match I will be running in any kind of foreseeable future, It has been an honor to have you volunteer to help me and the Wounded Warrior Project.  It seems like yesterday I was putting together the first match at ARPC for the Wounded Warrior Project, 2008 Friends of Wounded Warrior Project was the first IDPA Sanctioned match in the St Louis Area.    This is the 5th FOWWP match and I feel with your help we can go out on a high note. Without your help it would be impossible to have even one stage of one match.  

 Thank you in advance and always for your help.

John Abbott