Dr. Arizala was born in California and raised in the gentle trade winds of Oahu, Hawaii. He attended a conservative Baptist High School before leaving for Pepperdine University in Malibu. Forest Grove, Oregon was his home during graduate school where he completed his degree in 1993.


Hawaii Baptist Academy - "The only varsity team I could make was bowling."

Pepperdine University - "A hill top view of Malibu from the cafeteria. What could be nicer?"

Pacific University College of Optometry- "Oregon's weather was very conducive to studying."


Omni Eye Center (Denver) - "Did you know cars get poor gas mileage at altitude?"

Doctoral Thesis: "The Efficacy of Cyclomydril in Darkly Pigmented Irises" SPECIAL: Only $10 for a personally signed copy! 


Doctor Arizala is married with two children. Living a rather mundane and uneventful life, he seeks escape in books, music (including the esoteric world of audiophile electronics), good food and reality TV.

Future goals: To become a contestant on "Survivor,"  or "The Amazing Race"

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