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"The world of tomorrow will be, must be, a society based on non-violence....It may seem a distant goal, an impractical Utopia. But it is not in the least unobtainable, since it can be worked for here and now. An individual can adopt the way of life of the future - the non-violent way - without having to wait for others to do so. And if an individual can do it, cannot whole groups of individuals? Whole nations?" -Mahatma Gandhi, 1946

What is the purpose of an IDNV Meetup?

To get together and think and talk about peace and non-violence
To use this opportunity to spread peace around the world

How can I join an IDNV Meetup?

Visit IDNV Meetups Everywhere, find your city on the list and click on the "I'm Interested" button on your city's meetup page.

How can I become a meetup organizer?

Visit IDNV Meetups Everywhere, find your city on the list OR add your city using the "Schedule a meetup" button.  

How can I spread the word about the IDNV Meetups Everywhere?

Post this link on your facebook/twitter pages:  www.meetup.com/idnv 

        Please be sure to join the facebook page and twitter page for updates.

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  • Steps to organize an IDNV Meetup You can either organize a simple meetup limited to a small group of people, attend a peace/non-violence event in your city or organize a more elaborate event such ...
    Posted Aug 5, 2010, 4:12 PM by Arch ikins
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