One Last Time !

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Then in 1992
IDMS/SQL newsletter was published  and distributed among  Scandinavian customers since 1992  and has been made available on the web since 1997 at geocities.  When Yahoo closed geocities the site pages were archived by our well wishers at various sites and  the archives are still available  via Google search (we thank google for recognizing the archive pages).  There was a brief attempt to make pages available at the 'free site' 

Now in 2015 
Since the product is still active on a worldwide basis, some of us feel it is time to gather all the old pages and put them under google.   This will be our final  tribute to the best database ever  on mainframe and on any frame  for that matter! 

We hope to have all the pages and links available by Dec 2016. 

Charles Bachman  bids farewell at 92 -  13 /7/2017

Charles W. Bachman,  who created software to harness business data in the early 1960s, laying a technical foundation for modern digital commerce, died on Thursday 13th July at his home in Lexington, Mass. He was 92.
His Integrated Data Store software, first demonstrated in 1963, made it possible to share data across different applications. That capability had been talked about before, but Mr. Bachman was the first to carry it out.  During the late 1960s the ideas Bachman created for IDS were taken up by the Database Task Group of CODASYL, a standards body for the data processing industry best known for its creation and promotion of the COBOL language. Its initial report, issued in 1969, drew heavily on IDS in defining a proposed standard for database management systems, in part thanks to Bachman's own service on the committee.
The most successful CODASYL system, IDMS, came from Cullinet. It began as a port of IDS to IBM's dominant System/360/370 mainframe platform.

ACM Page on Bachman
New York Times  Bachman at 89 responds to ACM and defends IDMS !

  Cullinet Reunion was held on 24 October 2015!

  Here is John Cullinane
John Cullinane at the Reunion 2016

 More info and pictures on the way ....

July 2016 Update:
Yahoo which closed down gecocities against the wishes of millions of home page users, has finally paid the penalty!
Verizon has taken over Yahoo today for 4.8 bn. A big fall from the $44bn offer from Microsft in 2008.
Here is the original letter home pagers sent to Yahoo CEO then in 2009.  


Gutenberg Project on IDMS  History of IDMS and many more  (External Link)
Schema diagrams with Eclipse  Managing IDMS Schema Diagrams (External Link)

Cullinet Nostalgia  Pictures of some nostalgic products