Acting Resumés

How do I write an acting resumé?

1) Find an online resumé template
Most document editing programs have several template options. For a quick and easy option, Google Docs has a good selection.

2) Insert your information
Most resumé templates are for job applications. For acting, however, you're going to want to set it up a little differently. Put your contact information in like usual. For experience, put any acting experience you have, and if there is a place to put in a job title replace it with your role. For education, put any acting education you have, even if it's just a theater elective you took in middle school. If it has a place to put the degree you got there, replace it with a little bit about the class (i.e. "Advanced acting class"), unless you actually did get a degree there, in which case put the name of the degree.

3) Customization (optional)
Make your resumé look a bit nicer by changing the font and color scheme. While doing this, keep in mind that it still needs to be easy to read - for example, super bright colors or fancy cursive fonts may make it more difficult to read.