This page contains the scripts you require to hack ORKUT.All the  scripts are to be copied and pasted in a single line in the url bar(the place where you type the webaddress).Use firefox for the better compatibility of the scripts.

Colorful Scraps 

‘green’,'lime’,'maroon’,'navy’,'olive’,'orange’,'pink’,'purple’,'red’,’ silver’,'teal’,'violet’,'yellow’ ); varz=0;
txt=document.getElementsByTagName(’textarea’)[0]; txt.value=txt.value.replace(/(.)/gi,”§$1″);
txt.value =txt.value.replace(/\§ /gi,” “); for(y=0;y<txt.value.length;y++)


Animated Orkut Windows 

 javascript:R=-1;DI=document.links;DIL=DI.length;function A(a,b,c)
{return Math.sin(R/350*6.28*b+a)*c+c}function B(a){DIS=DI.item(a).style;DIS.position=’absolute’;


 Bigger Display pic




Color Change Code 

javascript: i=0; c=[”green”,”blue”,”yellow”]; a=document.links;setInterval(’i++;a[i % document.links.length].style.color=c[i % c.length]’,10);void(0) 


See All Album pics in original size 

javascript:d=document.body.innerHTML; m=d.match(/http:..images3.orkut.com.images.milieu.{1,99}jpg/gi); for(z=0;z<m.length;z++){g=new String(m[z]).replace(/milieu/gi,’album’); window.open('’,'album’).document.write(”<img src=”+g+”>”)};void(0)


Increasing Number of fans 

Add yourself in any fake account you have.Log into the account.Go to your friends' page.Put cursor on the “fan” icon of your original account. You will see at the status bar of your browser (at the bottom of your browser) something like
” FRUS0016756489/US209780133 “. Copy it.Now write this code in the url bar:


Change “FRUS***″ with the one you have copied and hit enter.It will increase fan number by 100.But the increase in fan number may not remain forever as the Orkut people may monitor the fancount.  


Testimonial Fl00ding 

Open the testimonial writing page of your friend.Paste this in the url bar:

javascript:function idmon(){document.getElementsByTagName


Fl00ding Scrapbook 

Scrapbook flooding is what many orkutters want and Orkut people are always trying to stop it.Every other day a new script is made to overcome this.Some may work at a time but may not work later.That is the reason why I am writing these at the end. But I think this is the best of them available without any probs.

 javascript:var i=1;function idmon(){i=i+1;document.forms
[0].elements[2].value= “I have flooded our SCRAPBOOK by
of times”;


The following are some of the tricks and some flaws present in Orkut.Use these for fun.


  Reverse the Post 

Use the key word  &#8238  brfore you type  the sentences.This reverses your entire post.It will be fun to through your friend a secret message.


Blank scraps 

To write a blank scrap just use one of the formatting id's like [b] /[i]/[u] etc(except smileys) and put spaces and submity it.You will get blank scraps.


  Invisible Name/Post

To type invisible name/post press ALT+0173(from the keys on numlock side).


Know e-mail ids of anyone 

Add the target person as a friend. Dont wait for the approval. Go to your FRIENDS page immediately.Click on 'Open friend requests' on the top left corner. Find the name of the person whom you just added.Click on EDIT at the right side of that person's profile.You can see the person's email id there!!


 Writing anonymous scraps

Create a fake account.Scrap to the person desired and delete the account.All the scraps  by the older account become  anonymous.


The following are some of the links to interesting sites helpful for Orkutters. 

Writing in indian languages

For writing  in Indian languages  you can use the software  by name  BARAHA.It has unicode fonts for all Indian languages.Download it from here


Text in the shape of beautiful heart

 To get text in the shape of beautiful heart like this


go here and  write your desired text in the box having "DigiteSeuTextoAqui".Later press the button with "Criar" written over it.It will give a nice heart which u can copy and scrap wherever you want.


 Large smileys

 For the largest possible smileys go here



Popularly known as Orkut Messenger ,it is just like a messenger where you can scrap your orkut friends.It will be almost like chat windows.You can download it here 


Orkut Cute 

It is also same like ScrapBoy but using it you can send scraps to every one in your fgriends' list at a time.You can download it from here


Cyber Scrap Flooder 

 This software floods scraps in your friend's profile. All you need to know is his profile id(the number after profile.aspx?uid=....).You can get it from here


Grease Monkey   

Grease Monkey is a firefox extension which allows users to embed  personalised scripts  to change the look of the web page.You can get it from  here .Grease Monkey is the mother for all the Orkut user scripts